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any thoughts?


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hello OT users,:hi:
im pyro from tga ink as some of you know that tga ink had a really bad attack and was close for a few days, and may heard that it was hack multiple times to the point ive that i had enough of the site getting hack over the last few month from last year (2023)

this year i've told @Fait it's time to redesign the site again or leave everything behind as i couldn't handle the consent hack/attack, we have decide that its best to redesign the whole site and i've come up a new name called Ghost universe and We are still the same website and brand though we are just more focused with a topic on gaming style theme and a side touch with technology.

today i've been working on Ghost universe step by step and made new logo just for now on till i get more time to make Inky the ghost 3.0 to be put next to the logo over time

what are your thoughts on the new logo and i've come up with in colours

if there any suggestion on what i can do to improve make a better Logo

i am open for some advice:bouncy::D

thank you for your time
Sorry, there's not much I can say to help you. I don't play games, so I'm not sure what's best. Maybe when you show more, I can give my opinion on how it looks.
Perhaps there will be more people who know more to help you.
By the way, between the two images you shared, I prefer the second one, although both are appealing.

Best of luck with your project :)
If go with a different font, I feel the current one doesn't really do much for me from an aesthetic standpoint

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