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Off Topix is a well established general discussion forum that originally opened to the public way back in 2009! We provide a laid back atmosphere and our members are down to earth. We have a ton of content and fresh stuff is constantly being added. We cover all sorts of topics, so there's bound to be something inside to pique your interest. We welcome anyone and everyone to register & become a member of our awesome community.

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On Your Mind has opened for business on 14 Nov 2023. We are a friendly community of an adult nature. Only members who are over 18 are accepted. At the moment of writing (26/12/2023) we have about 30 members and 2 administrators, and I know almost all of our members personally.

Our forum has more than just adult content, we also have forum games (the most active part so far), a place to discuss science topics, general debates, and a kitchen area. What we do not want to have is political and religious discussion (due to the need for heavy moderation in general).

Currently, most of our members are from the U.S. and male (as is typical on such forums). My goal for promoting outside of just my circle of online friends is to change those demographics. We don't want to be the largest, but some good people from other time zones (also to help with "always having someone around") and of course, certainly if you're also a woman, are welcome to make our community more balanced.

We don't carry advertising but pay everything out of our own pocket. As such, we don't appreciate it if you overly post images and video content just because you can, regardless of its quality. (Of course, you can post images and videos, just use common sense).

Use of VPN is not allowed (a lot of VPN IPs are banned automatically, and I check the IP addresses used by our members regularly) - this is to avoid duplicate accounts from the same member, and to make it easier to keep banned members out, for everyone's security.

If you feel you'd be a good fit for our site, and certainly if you would make us more diverse, please check it out.

URL: https://onyourmind.be/site
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Thanks for the description of your site. Do you have a link?
Thank you. :) So far, it's going fairly well in content, I think. New members would be nice but I'm picky as to whom to invite, lol. Which is probably why it still feels like a community more than a place to me.

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