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Good/bad investments


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What is the difference between a good investment and a bad investment?

Can you give some examples?

Tell us about good investments and bad ones you've made over the years
I bought 1 hectare land and planted on that land Mahogany trees. After 10 years I sold some of them to aggressive buyers . It was a very lucrative investment. I enjoyed the profit. The bad ones was, when I toured to Auckland about 3 weeks and then when I came back, 35 Mahogany trees were cut down by an unknown person , but the guy told the nearby folks that I requested him to cut 35 trees which was a lie. I felt devastated , the stealer was still at large. The feeling sucks.
Bad investments are pretty obvious and make you feel remorseful. Good investments show results.
@MrDawn , you are so right. That was what I felt. I have many bad investments. I am not lucky, so better not to invest.
cryptocurrency for sure

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