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My Dream Diary!


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As I have lucid dreams, I've be journalling them down as I have them every night.

Dream 1 : Feng Tang's Half-Sister

Dear Diary, last night been dreaming about being the half-German and half-Chinese biracial sister of Feng Tang, CEO and heir of a big conglomerate in China. At birth, because our father has fallen out of love with my half-brother's mother, on a business trip to Germany, has met and fallen in love with my own mother. I've been given up to adoption because my mother couldn't raise me on her own. Later own, I've found out that our father has tried to kill my half-brother's biological mother and his own flesh and blood because he couldn't with my mother and I otherwise. The Tang family has been very strict with him as to whom to choose as his wife and his descendants has had to be 100% of Chinese blood. Later on, my half-brother has tried to compensate my mother and I's struggles earlier in life, by trying to pay for my tuition fees and hiring me as an employee at his company. But the rebel that I and my mother were, have refused his help, preferring to live on the streets than be dictated on how to live by the wealthy Chinese people. But at least on his dying wish, I've recognized him as my half-brother, because older and having lost my mother, I've been repentant on my rebellious ways in my youth, and it's also been my mother's wish, that I reunite with my Chinese family, especially, my Chinese half-brother, Feng Tang.

My Dream 2 : Travelling back to the Qing Dynasty

Dear Diary, I’m Qing Ruo, a modern day Chinese girl of 16 years old. I’ve travelled back to the Qing Dynasty of China’s. Because I know how to play the violin, the Emperor has taken me in as his favourite combine. But Empress Cheng Yun, has had plans to drug him and have his baby. He’s said to me : “My beloved, I apologize for my adultery.” I’ve said back to him : “It’s not your fault, beloved, because she has raped you.” Then, my mate from the modern times has arrived to pick me up before I could have a baby with him. I’ve learned later that he has committed suicide because of me.

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : Winning the Lottery

Dear Diary, this is Phoebe Halliwell, a witch with premonitions, the ability to see the future. I’ve been buying some lottery tickets for the next big win, when I’ve heard 1 elderly couple say : “This is our last chance, putting everything in this lottery ticket.” Just then, I’ve had a premonition about the winning numbers and I’ve said back to them : “Here are the winning numbers.” Whilst I couldn’t use my powers for selfish reasons, a little birdie has come into my dreams and has said to me : “Captain Jack Sparrow’s treasure chest is there”.

here's my 4th dream.

My Dream 4 : Being the Mistress

Dear Diary, I am named Ma You You. I've unknowingly become the mistress of a very rich, handsome, American White businessman/CEO. Have have I met him? At a book fair. He and I have both shared a love for reading and writing. One night, he's asked me out : "Could you perhaps have a drink with me at my hotel/bar?" "Yes, sure, so tonight, at 7?" "Yes." Evening has come, I've arrived there early. He's apologized for being late. "You may order whatever you like, it's on me". I've sipped an 800$USD glass of champagne, feeling rather nice and cool about myself. "It's late now, I have a book shop to run". (Yes, I run a physical book shop myself." What he hasn't told me about has been his wife and daughters : Cassie, finding out about his affair. At home, his wife has said to him : "So, been to see your little vixen behind our backs, right?" "Well, er.. you see...", "Cassie, pack your things, let's go." "No please, I'll stop seeing her, don't leave me, I love you." The next morning, he's apologized to me and without a proper reason known to me, has said to me that he couldn't see me again. Then, the reason behind it all has dawned on me, I've been a side piece, the other woman, the mistress or the 3rd wheel/the other party in a relationship/marriage. After that, I have never trusted or dated any other man.

here's my 5th dream.

My Dream 5 : A Street Vendor

Dear Diary, I have been myself, Naiwen, selling cheese and fries on the streets of China. I have been setting up a stand for cheese and fries and have been putting them into Chinese/Asian food, an instant success. I've been really working hard, yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs : "Cheese and fries, cheese and fries buns and other goodies, come and stop by!" At last, with my efforts and hard work for many long years, I have become the female CEO of a very large food company, founded by myself.

here's my 6th dream.

My Dream 6 : Betrothed to my Nemesis : Draco Malfoy

Dear Diary, I am Hermione Granger, witch prodigy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I haven't known that at age 17-18, I'd be mated to my worst nemesis : Draco Malfoy. Well, turns out that they guy is a Veela. They are magical creatures who take one mate for life. I AM His Chosen. The Malfoys, having accepted the truth, have started to bring me betrothal gifts, one after the other, to make up for his past lousy behaviour towards me. But I have rejected him with all my force : "I won't marry the son of a Death-Eater!" I've seen his face contort with pain, muttering : "I'm sorry for my past actions towards you, and my dad's, if I could, I'd change it all for you, but I'm a new me now, please accept me as your mate for life, Hermione." "NO!" And I've used him away literally speaking with full force. Face crisped in pain, he's said nothing but has shut himself from my world. "At last, peace from my nemesis!" I've yelled in joy to a mirror! But, it turns out, that Draco Malfoy himself isn't to be deterred by my rejection, sending me more lavish and expensive gifts, one after the other. I've turned them all down. Currently, it's been the "Battle of Hogwarts", surprisingly, the Malfoys have used their powers to aid us, the Light side, despite all my rejections from his romantic advances. Then, I've finally accepted him and held his hand in mine and have kissed him full on the lips. "Thank you, Draco." He's smiled and said : "Finally mine".

here’s my 7th dream.

My Dream 7 : Satan’s Sister

Dear Diary, I am Satan and God’s middle sister. They both have fallen so deeply in love with me that they have been fighting over me for many years. Finally, I’ve had enough : “Satan, I banish thee, to the mortal real, to live and die as a mortal human”. After that, he’s gone to hate me as I’ve chosen God, my little brother as my husband and lover.

here's my 8th dream.

My Dream 8 : The President Kang has fallen in Love with me!

Dear Diary, this is Xin Chang Yue writing. I'm working as a business planner in a large Korean international food company (Western and Asian mixed cuisines). One day, the president of our company, President Kang has asked me to explain to him my new business plan in regards to our food business. I've explained to him as I've been pointing on a piece of paper with a pen : "This will be the African food stand, the Japanese food stand..." But his attention to what I've been saying to him seems to have been wandering, focusing solely on my body. I've been feeling very awkward as I've continued explaining to him my business plan. You see, I've had plans to make our company new local dishes, by local and independent people and businesses. President Kang has seemed to be absorbed by each of my every word, hanging onto them actually. Some time has passed since then, and he has called me into his office. "Good morning, President Kang, must be about my new business plan?" "No, actually, I have other things to discuss with you but your plan has passed, it is in fact, must excellent, as expected of a Harvard business student". "Yes, thank you, what other things to discuss about, President Kang?" I've asked him, curiosity picked. "You see, I have for a long time, for a few years in fact, observed how you've been working and I've gradually falling in love with you." Abashed, I've asked him : "Are you saying that you have romantic feelings towards me, President Kang, it's improper for a lowly employee like me to date her boss, you know and I'm aro-ace, not into relationships, I have come here to work, not to date anyone." I've thought I've been clear, but he's kept on : "Please, go on 1 date with me, and you'll see if you like it." Every day, it's been flowers, chocolates, expensive jewelry and ladies' products as gifts on my desk. I've been drawing the attention and jealousy, of other female colleagues in the company, especially my immediate female supervisor. But, to actually stop him from sending more of them, I've agreed to go out with him just this once. "One chance, don't mess up". I've answered him as he's asked me out again one day. He's held me close, kissing me fully on the lips. I've hated it with a passion. "Men!" I've kept it to myself though. "Couldn't be any worse, could it?" I've asked myself too." The dreaded day has finally arrived. Gone to the said date with him, I couldn't be more bored. "Look here, I don't wanna offend you or hurt your feelings, President Kang, but us aro-ace people don't have feelings, well, romantic, for anyone, I have to go now." And I've left the man there, him, dumbfounded, with some foodstuff still in his mouth. Finally, I've ditched this job because of his continued

here's my 9th dream.

My Dream 9 : Apocalypse of Quebec

Dear Diary, I'm Francoise Francoeur, a half-French, a Chinese biracial woman. I've been chosen as the one who will restore peace on the province of Quebec. Why? Because Aliens have invaded it. And I come from the future, where I have the weapons and means to defeat them to protect Quebec from the Apocalypse. Prior to that, my cousin-in-law has fallen in love with me when I've departed to defeat the Aliens, he's kissed me on my lips with my cousin watching. "Traitor, I've thought you were family!" She's yelled at me. I've understood, that to avoid more tears and tragedy, I must flee to go and beat the Aliens. With my higher technological weapons, I have defeated them, never to return to my Chinese family, but have resettled in Paris, France.

here's my 10th dream.

Dream 10 : Crashing my own Wedding!

Dear Diary, I am named Lys Desrosiers, French princess. My Father has betrothed me to Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor. But I myself believe in the freedom of choice. Hence why, I've decided to crash my own wedding. How? I've asked my maid, May : "Could you perhaps become me for my wedding?" My maid has replied : "How could I, your Highness? This is the Roman Emperor you're taking about. I'm going to be burnt at the stake if I do." "Please, just this once, I know you're the best." "All right", agreed my maid. I have fled to America for my own pursuit of freedom of choice. "If I can't choose the life I want, what I am I living for, right?" I have taken a plane to the Americas. But my fiancé, Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor has been making a lot, a lot of enemies, who's been wanting his death. Hence why, they have sent assassins in the palace. There has been a great carnage that night. Only my fiancé has survived. Somehow, he has taken a plane and fled to America, where I am too. He's plead with me : "Your Highness, I know you want freedom, so here I am, to live with you as a commoner. Do you know why I have chosen you? Because I'm truly in love with you and because you've saved my life once as a child, thus, I cherish you and I won't force you if you don't agree, I will respect your choice to be with me or not." I've paused for a moment, thinking : "All right, I agree, let's tend to your wounds first for now though." And from then on, he and I have been married in America, living in our 2nd home in America too. He's become a businessman, buying us quite a mansion, so he and I could have a fairly luxurious life.

here’s my 11th dream.

My Dream 11 : Bubble Tea Vendor.

Dear Diary, my name is Bai Liang. I'm a bubble tea street drinks vendor in Canada. I have dreamed of this day where everyone in the world could taste the joy of drinking bubble teas. What are they? They are a special Taiwanese drink made with tapioca bubbles and a special flavour of your choice and milk tea. I personally have fallen in love with this drink. On the streets of Canada, I have set up a bubble tea stall. People were queuing up daily for it. I've been yelling and screaming at the top of my lung daily once in a while : "Bubble tea, flavour of your choice! Buy 1 for 1 free! This is your last chance. But currently, I'm the owner of my own international bubble tea and other Asian drinks company. I have several branches oversea too.

here's my 12th dream.

My Dream 12 : A Special Agent

Dear Diary, I am Ming Xiao Xi, I'm a Chinese special forces agent. What is that? I protect the country's top secret documents to antiques and national treasures. I also forge international relationships with other countries. For example, the Mongolians have asked me demonstrate my valour, when I have come to this part of the country. They have asked me to tame a wild animal. I've thought to myself : "With my Win Chun Kung-fu, it's going to be easy for me personally." I have gone the nearest wild forest with some medicine and ointments, and have thought about taming a tiger. Where, I have seen a wounded male one, barely able to move. I've said to him, knowing full well that he can't respond : "Don't, worry, I won't hurt you, I have ointments and medicine for you." He's nodded, as if he's understood me. I have applied the ointment and medicinal herbs on his wound, saving his life. He's lowered his body, for me to mount on him. "Thank you, my friend". I have rode back on him to the Mongolian steppes. "Here she comes with a tiger!" said someone in the crowd. "Wow, how impressive!" And since then, they have been chanting my "taming a wild tiger" songs, and reciting poetry for me too.

here's my 13th dream.

My Dream 13 : A French-Chinese Translator

Dear Diary, I am Zhao Zhang, I'm for the moment in Hong Kong, China, having a meal with friends in a Chinese restaurant. The manager and her husband, upon knowing that my parents and I were her good friend's sister's family, has treated us to a free meal. Because their son has been wanting to try our pineapple frosting dessert from our trip to the Bahamas and having foreign languages lessons from me, a disabled person on a wheelchair, they've decided that dinner would be on the house. There, a French foreign customer has been having his dinner with us too, asking us in French, his native language : "What is this?" "A Chinese donut or fried stick if you will", I've replied also in French. He has thanked me for my help and has offered to buy me a drink. I have accepted his kindness. I have been teaching French to my aunt's friend's boys and a few other male friends at the dinner table. They were really happy to have us with them, until another Chinese family has joined us, also one of our friends'. The night has been enjoyable and peaceful, chatting in basic French and Chinese with me translating from French into Chinese and Cantonese for the other customers in the place. This has earned me a few free freebies.

here's my 14th dream.

My Dream 14 : My Escape from the insane Asylum!

Dear Diary, Mary-Ann here. I am Englishwoman being locked up in an insane asylum for years. There, crazy scientists would conduct experiments for their inventions on the patients. They'd ask us to copy the reason why I and the other patients are there daily. One day, I've yelled at one crazy inventor, who has been putting tubes everywhere on my body : "Enough, stop, it hurts!". I've saved up enough money to pay a bodyguard for my escape. He has advised me to jump down a window. Knowing some martial arts, I've carved it open, jumping down and landing on the grass. "Ahh, finally, some fresh air!" I've muttered under my breath. Since then, I have been working as a salesclerk in a very remote convenience store, in another country than the insane asylum I've been locked up for all these years.

here's my 15h dream.

My Dream 15 : Being a Teacher to the Emperor and his Sons

Dear Diary, the name is Mei Ling, I'm a modern day Chinese teenage girl, 16 turning 17 years old. On 1 odd day, I've time-travelled back to the Qing Dynasty where the Qian Long Emperor has been reigning. Knowing some high school science and foreign languages, I've become the Emperor and his sons's teacher and a diplomat, an envoy if you will. One day, I've been teaching them basic grade 1 maths : "This is X, this is Y..." The Emperor and his sons have been absent-mindedly listening to me. The Emperor has said to me : "Lady Ling, I'd like you to be my concubine." Taken aback, I've replied : "I refuse." In a flash instant, my friends have come to bring me back to my era. I've heaved a sigh of relief.

here’s my 16th dream.

My Dream 16 : The Healer Mary

Dear Diary, I am Mary the healer, married to the 5th prince of the Qing Dynasty. I’ve seen a wounded bird today, and I’ve healed it with my powers. I’ve had a few pet birds myself. I’ve said to them :”Go now, you are free.” I have carefully planned my escape from the palace. Travelled to the Mongolian steppes, I have healed a Mongolian Prince called Duo Lun. “Marry me, I’ll make you my empress”. With my powers, I have fled the place to find my freedom and my own path.

here’s my dream 17.

My Dream 17 : How I’ve met the Emperor

Dear Diary, I am Princess Fu Huai Yu, and here’s how I’ve met the Emperor Kangxi from the Qing Dynasty. I’ve set up a tent in a wild forest as a punishment for having been naughty today. Being naughty is my profession as I have nothing else to do all the days of my life. Seeing 2 men arriving, I’ve asked them : “What are you 2 doing here in this wilderness?” The one on the horse has answered me : “Miss, if by any chance, you and I and my bodyguard could borrow your tent for a night”. “Sure”. I haven’t seen why not that night. If have known that it’d be my Apocalypse, I’d have not let them “borrow my tent”. The next morning, they were gone. But upon returning to my mansion, my maid has said to me : “The Emperor and his guards are there for you. Escape from the back door”. I’ve attempted so, but a bodyguard has said to me : “Stop struggling. There are guards everywhere”. Not surrendering, I’ve started fighting him. But the Emperor himself has arrived just now : “Miss, I am not here to fight, but to take you as my empress in the palace.” Outnumbered, our family has surrendered upon threats of killing the whole mansion for disobedience. Upon arriving at the palace in a red and golden carriage, I have known that he isn’t fond of the Queen Mother’s, not his biological mother’s, choice for his Empress : Cheng Yun, her niece. The Queen Mother has been wanting to see him married off to a nice lady of his choice or hers. “Please help me, Miss, because she’s tried to poison my father, the Emperor before me”. Pitying him, I’ve agreed to become his Empress.

here’s my 18th dream.

My Dream 18 : A female Detective

Dear Diary, I am female detective Lionel, having received the task of solving a murder and women and children abduction case. I have disguised myself as a teenage girl, looking 17-18 years old. “Just my luck today”, I’ve muttered under my breath. The male killer about 40 years old gestured and said to me : “Go in my car, I’m bringing you somewhere fun”. Whereupon I’ve taken out my handgun and have said to him : “Don’t move! You’re arrested for abduction of women and children”. I have been promoted to colonel after solving the case successfully.

here’s my 19th dream.

My Dream 19 : Oreo Ice-Cream/Cappuccino Critic

Dear Diary, I am Bai Lang, an Oreo ice-cream and iced cappuccino critic. My job consists of tasting or trying new Oreo desserts/drinks with my company’s money as a mystery critic. I’ve dreamed of this day where I could authentically share my opinions on this cookie of my youth. So far, I have tried: Dairy Queen’s Oreo blizzard, McDonald’s McFlurry Oreo ice-cream and Tim Horton’s Oreo iced cappuccino. My immediate supervisor has asked me : “Miss Bai, so far, what do you think of them all?” “I think they’re all pretty good. Personally, I prefer Tim Horton’s McFlurry Oreo.” “Why is that?” “Because their Oreo cookies taste crunchier and crispier than all of the other places I’ve tried so far. I love also the fact that their cream is the most authentic in my opinion at least anyways”. “Great, you shall write a short column critic about each of them and I want it by the end of the week. You are dismissed.” Thereby I have written said critic for them. Currently, I’m an internationally famous food and drinks critic. Not just for the Oreo products.

My Dream 20 : A repurposed Jewelry, Handbags and Accessories Maker, Designer, Reseller

Dear Diary, I go by Emma, what do I do for a living? As I care a lot about the future of our planet, I have been recycling, reusing and collecting free raw materials from garbage cans or buying them from people who don’t want them anymore. I’ve been reselling, redesigning and remaking these raw materials into new repurposed : jewelry, handbags and accessories for my neighbours. One sturdy female customer has ordered from me when I’ve gone to her house for tea with my repurposed handbag and wallet : “How much are these, I want one of each please. As they are so pretty”. “50$ each, if you don’t actually mind that’s been repurposed”. She’s said : “I want the one with the LV logo on it.” Happy because I’ve made my 1st sale of 100$USD today, I’ve gone home chanting to myself. Today, I have become the founder and CEO of my leading international company of repurposed goods. Designers’ brands have all been itching to resell me their extras, and sometimes even having free raw materials from factories.

here’s my 21st dream.

My Dream 21 : A female Figure Skating World Champion

Dear Diary, Michelle Yeoh here. Female Japanese figure skating world champion. But before that, I have undergone vigorous training daily and even some bullying in school. “You have stolen from us, Michelle!”, “No I haven’t.”, “you liar.” I have to prove my innocence to them. At night, I’ve caught the the thief who’s been stealing things from my classmates. And after having cleared my name, I have become the world’s first female figure skating champion.

here’s my 22nd dream.

Dream 22 : 4th Prince’s Counsellor

Dear Diary, my name is Luo Qing Chuan. I have travelled back to the Qing Dynasty of China, becoming the 4th prince’s love interest and counsellor. I’ve said to him : “Don’t buy guns from the Westerners, they’ll invade China.” Whereupon I have returned to my artificial Earth and present days.

here’s my 23rd dream.

My Dream 23 : Avoiding my Professor

Dear Diary, I am Maryse Dagenais, my college leadership professor has fallen in love with me, barely 18 years old. I’ve shown him my site. He’s to me : “This is leadership”. Whereupon I’ve had to avoid him, because he’d always be asking me out and etc. After the semester has been over with him, I’ve heaved a sigh of relief.

here’s my 24th dream.

My Dream 24 : A Treasure Hunt

Dear Diary, people call me “The female Thief”. But I’ve seen Captain Jack Sparrow’s treasure chest under the ocean with my own eyes. Because I couldn’t go and retrieve it on my own because there’s spells on it, I’ve asked my demons and witches to go with me. One with a particular bad breath. I’ve told them : “I’ve seen rubies, gold and pearls in a glass chest and please mind your breath, Demon King.” After I’ve told them of the date they and I are going to rob the chest, the Demon King has said to me : “How about now”? “Much better, thanks for your consideration, your majesty”. Ready to swim under the ocean with a spell that can let us all breathe under water, my accomplices or so I’ve thought, were swimming towards the treasure chest. But halfway there, an evil old hag has said to her 3 friends : “Let’s tie her up and throw her under the ocean, that way she couldn’t rob us of our share.” They have done so, betraying me. I couldn’t breathe, so I have died within a few hours.

here’s my 25th dream.

My Dream 25 : A Tim Horton’s Mystery Critic

Dear Diary, I am Zhi LAN. My job consists of being a Tim Horton’s mystery critic, which means that I try out different Tim Horton’s products, write reviews on them and find the best one ever. So far, I’ve tried 3 : their timbits and Oreo iced cappuccino. My immediate supervisor has asked me : “Well, what do you think of them all?” I’ve answered honestly : “I personally prefer the one at Place Montreal Trust because their timbits are fresher than all the other places I’ve tried so far personally.” “Very well then, you shall write a column critic for each of them and I want them by Friday. By Friday, I have written said critics. For the moment, I have my own fine international cuisine critic company.

here’s my 26th dream.

My Dream 26 : Japanese Yakuza Bar

Dear Diary, I am infamous for running an underground bar frequented by the Japanese Yakuza, in Japan, Tokyo. Yakuza stands for Mafia in Japanese.One night, they were fighting. I’ve said to my waitress : “I’ll take on them, you’ll take on the others.” She has nodded and she and I have begun fighting with our Kung-Fu until the brawl has calmed down and they’ve left the place.

here’s my 27th dream.

My Dream 27 : Athena’s Creation

Dear Diary, I am the Greek Goddess of War : Athena. But first, let me tell you about my human reincarnation’s story : Princess Wong Fei Tong. How I’ve met the King of Bai Ning? One night, he’s been strolling on the streets, looking list and in plain clothing. I’ve asked him : “Are you lost, Sir?” “No, just looking for someone earnest to chat with.” Therefore, I’ve sat there chatting the night away. I’ve said to him, giving one of my earrings : “If you wanna find me, ask to whom this earring belongs to.” At his marriage, I’ve been sitting there in the audience, slumbering. An announcer has asked : “Anyone else?” Because I’ve been clothed as a beggar woman, she’s been dragging me away. “Well then, let me prove it to you who I am.” Therefore, my Goddess form has appeared and I’ve annihilated everything, provoking a volcano. I’ve brought the King of Bai Ning into the Mount Olympus.

here’s my 28th dream.

My Dream 28 : My Vampire Ex-boyfriend

Dear Diary, my name is Huo Yuan Yuan, been dating a Korean guy from my school. Everything has seemed to be fine until I’ve visited his father. As the evening has been going well, I haven’t suspected a thing until he’s introduced me to his father : “Le t ne introduce you my girlfriend, Yuan Yuan.” His father has said : “You do know that our family are vampires, right?” Whereupon I’ve risen and have screamed : “Ahhh”, and have ran out of the house.

here’s my 29th dream.

My Dream 29 : A Professor-Student Affair

Dear Diary, the name is Joyce Reynolds, my mother Jilian Reynolds and my father Professor Reynolds. I’ve been helping num at her beauty salon from time to time whilst being at the same college as my dad, professor Reynolds. I’ve caught him with a young and hot female classmate of mine at the movies cuddling together and Etc. Been weighing the pros and cons of telling mum and suing my father about it. Finally, I’ve had enough of it, I’ve had to tell mum about it : “Mom, I’ve seen dad with a female classmate of mine at the movies with my own eyes”, I’ve said to her one afternoon. Yo which she has replied : “Never tell lies about your dad again, go copy a prayer in your room 100 times.” Sighing, I’ve gone to my room alone, ready to copy the prayer in the bible. Till this day, she refuses to believe that dad has been having affairs after affairs with his young and pretty female students and still remains married to him after she’s passed away, living her whole life in denial and living a lie her whole life.

here’s my 30th dream.

My Dream 30 : A Debt Trap

Dear Diary, I am Princess Guo Ruo Ruo, a rich Manchu aristocrat in the 1950ties. I’ve thought myself to be the expert price haggler, until one day I’ve met some Western mafiosos. At one dinner table, a French mafia boss has said to me and my maid : “That’ll be 100$USD.” “Not expensive”, I’ve thought to myself, “I’ll take 5 of them”, I’ve replied back to him. He’s been keeping on selling me more and more until one day, I’ve committed suicide because of the debt trap that I’ve been in. Unable to pay back my debt, I’ve decided to end my life.

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : I am God

Dear Diary, I am known as God to human beings. Because I possess the ability to fly, to prove my existence, being ridiculed one day, I’ve brought the guy on a tour in the air. He’s said to me : “I believe there is a God now

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : A Mongolian Princess

Dear Diary, known as the Princess Bo er ji ji te, I’m doing my PhD degree in journalism. Being late to my final graduation exam, I have still come out top of my class. Today, in March 2023, I’m entering a journalism competition, the topic being : China vs US. I’ve prepared myself in advance, but have accidentally worn the same dress as my female competitor. Everyone in the audience has been saying, humiliating me : “Look at her, wanting to copy the mighty star.” To which I’ve shrugged off : “It doesn’t matter what a reporter is wearing, so long as their argument is good.” After that, on April 1st 2023, I’ve won the competition and it’s the celebrations day today. Tom Felton and Emma Watson have been there, have been congratulating me : “Congratulations on your win, you were quite impressive with your bullies back there.” I have thanked them. After that, as a side job, to promote the Chinese minority cultures, I’ve began singing in Tibetan and Mongolian and have become quite the celebrity in America

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : Atlantis is real

Dear Diary, my human name is Amanda, but I’m in reality, Athena. Im a researcher/explorer type of person. I’ve warned my fellow colleagues : “Atlantis is real, don’t mess with it.” They have all laughed at me, continuing their exploration. One of them has had SARS while exploring, I’ve healed him. Then, when they’ve gone close to Atlantis, a large water wave has engulfed them. I have stopped it : “Atlantis is real”.

here’s my 4th dream.

Dear Diary, Princess Yue Qian Yue here. Concubine of the King : Qing Ran. His other concubine, Ye Qing, has planned to have a baby with him against his will with a “Love Potion.” One night, she has bribed one of his servants to drug him : “Finally mine”, she’s said during her love-making process. The next morning, she has looked radiant : “I’m pregnant”, she’s announced to everyone in the main hall. Saddened that I’m not 1st to bear his child, the King has comforted me that night : “I’ll give you a baby tonight.”, making sweet love to me tonight. Pregnant myself due to throwing out often in the morning, I’ve finally announced to everyone in the room : “I’m pregnant too.”

here’s my 5th dream.

My Dream 5 : A successful Gymnast

Dear Diary, I am Anzu Mazaki, Japanese gymnast female champion. But before that, I’ve faced some bullying in school. “You’ll never be me, Anzu!” “I swear, I’ll surpass you”. Ten girls were punching me. My professor has said : “Stop it girls, back to work.” Ten years have passed since then, I’ve become no 1 in the world of gymnastics with my killer routine one day.

here’s my 6th dream.

My Dream 6 : Coffee Shop Owner

Dear Diary, named Lou-Ann, a half-French, half-British coffee shop owner in my part of town. I sell coffee for 2$ for a large cup. “That’ll be 2,3$ please”, I’ve said to a female customer one morning as she’s fumbled into her handbag for change. Every morning, it’s the same, quiet and peaceful as I’m selling coffee for 2,3$ after taxes. This coffee shop which I’ve inherited from my parents, for 2 generations, our customers have been loyal to us, the coffee shop owners.

here’s my 7th dream.

My Dream 7 : A Homeless Teenager

Dear Diary, this is Diane Tremblay writing this entry. I’m writing to report my abuse and violence at home with my parents, but especially my dad. He’s been hitting me and slapping me with my bare hands, making me sometimes bleed really badly. One afternoon, at around 17-18 years old, a mere high schooler, I’ve ran away from home to child protection services. A lady clerk has asked : “Dear Child, how can I help you?” I’ve said back to her : “Please just keep me safe from my dad. He’s been abusing me physically and emotionally for 17-18 years, Mam.” “I’ll see what I can do for you, young lady.” Relieved, I’ve waited there for a free and safe place to stay that night. Since then, my dad has been reported to the cops. And I’ve been on disability and living in governmental housing having been diagnosed with several mental and emotional health issues due to my abusive past.

here’s my 8th dream.

My Dream 8 : The Holy Doctor

Dear Diary, this is Lian Er. I’m a modern Chinese female doctor, 22-23 years old. One day, by a flash of sunlight, I have travelled back to the Qing Dynasty. There, I have become the 4th prince private doctor. I have done a surgery to remove his cancer tumour and he’s thanked me : “I’ll never forget your kindness, Lian Er. Thank you.” He’s been having other issues as well such as : smoking addiction. I’ve suggested to him : “I can make your addiction go away, if you give me enough money to buy fake nicotine.” One month has passed and I’ve healed from many more health issues. The flash of light has reappeared, I’ve gone back to my own era again. “Whew, what a relief.” I’ve thought to myself.

here’s my 9th dream.

My Dream 9 : An Antique Shopkeeper

Dear Diary, called Yona Wan. I am an HEC Montréal business management graduate. Haven’t found work in the west for a whole 2 years, having found a job in an antique shop in Bei Jing, China. The antique shop’s boss, Emperor Kangxi going incognito to live the life of a commoner has asked me to help him sale his antiques to anyone who’s willing to buy because it’s been on the verge of bankruptcy. The first thing I’ve done, has been to set a few items at 1$. I’ve said to him : “That way you can sell them away faster.” Some jewelry I’ve set the price at 10-15$. “That way ladies interested will buy them.” I’ve been having a few foreign customers buying for a few hundred dollars daily steadily. With my keen sens of business, I’ve saved his business and he’s revealed to me : “Thank you for your hard work, to repay your kindness, as the Emperor Kangxi, I’ll make you my empress.” “Never.” As the next morning, I’ve hopped on a plane back to Canada. Having had a 2 years experience with a job in my field, I’ve found a job as a jewelry salesclerk in no time this time.

here's my 10th dream.

My Dream 10 : Arc-nemesis falling in Love with me

Dear Diary, nicknamed, Xiao Yan Zi, adopted Manchu Princess of China in the modern times. I have an adoptive brother and sister named Xia Zi Wei. My adoptive sister has been my friend and playmate since childhood. But my adoptive brother, on the other hand, my arc-nemesis since as a kid. In my spare time, I love to race cars on the streets against the commoners of China. My half-brother too. Once, he has put raw egg yolks in my engine, so I couldn't start the race. And other times, he's been wanting the death of me with his mother the Empress and his nanny, Rong Mo Mo. But, my adoptive father Qian Long has seen it all and has wanted to sentence him and his Empress and maid to death. He's pleaded and begged with his father : "Please don't, father, I love them." "Don't you love your sister as well?" His Father has replied. And my adoptive sister and I have intervened : "Don't kill them, Father, I beg you." "He's been so awful to you 2, yet you wanna save them?""Yes". Moved, he's answered : "All right, no punishment." From then on, my adoptive brother has fallen in love with me. I've been barely tolerating his advances. I've asked to stop sexually harassing me and obsessing over me or I'd have him sentenced to death by our Father the Emperor. He's stopped since then.

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : Being cheated on to protect me

Dear Diary, I am Xiao Xiao, wife of a Chinese general in ancient times. My maid servant has said to me : “He’s been cheating on you at the base.” Whereupon I have written a letter to ask for a divorce. Later, I’ve learned that he’s cheated on me to protect me. I’ve encouraged our daughter to stay on friendly terms with her half-sister, father and his current wife.

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : In Mario Kart

Dear Diary, Pian Pian here. Today, April 26 2023 has been supposed to be my birthday : “Happy Birthday to you…” have been singing my friends with a cake for me. But in the middle of it all, I have fainted and have become Princess Peach, my favourite character in my favourite game series : “Mario Kart”. Becoming 1st in every race, I’ve quickly have returned back to reality. It has turned out to be all a dream : “Whew, it’s just a dream, what a relief.” I’ve said out loud to myself after everyone has been gone.

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : A Business Student

Dear Diary, this is Virginie Bédard writing this diary entry. I’m about 16-17 years old, a promising business and foreign languages student. However, my dad has always been on business trips, ignoring my mum and I. My mother, has set up a fair for me to help her with. There, she has set up a jewelry stand for ladies. A lady has been inquiring : “Is it stainless steel or silver?” “Neither, it’s rhodium-plated.” I have answered her. She’s immediately bought it. My mother and I have been selling these jewelry like hot cakes. Upon learning about it, my father has called me. “I’d like you to read for me a foreign document.” “Yes, Father.” From then on, he’d be less cold towards my mom and I and have often foreign documents for me to read for him.

here’s my 4th dream.

My Dream 4 : My dearest Aunt

Dear Diary, the name is Zhu Yi Li. I have lost my aunt to breast cancer this year. I have dreamt that she’s spoken to me in my dream : “Don’t worry, live on, I’m in heaven now.” Appeased, I have woken up from my dream, shaking and pale.

here’s my 5th dream.

My Dream 5 : A female Violinist

Dear Diary, nicknamed Ah Lin, i’m a professional female violinist. At the music school, I’ve been practicing day and night just to enter a music competition. The day of the competition, I have come out 1st. “Bravo!”, has exclaimed the crowd with applause.

here’s my 6th dream.

My Dream 6 : Accepting Draco Malfoy

Dear Diary, I go by Mauve, a witch prodigy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My arc-nemesis, Draco Malfoy, has fallen deeply in love with me. Even going as far as helping us kill Lord Voldemort. But he’s always been afraid of his dad, going back to him, Lucius Malfoy. “What are doing with this mud blood?” Has asked his father. Since then, I have vowed to never have any contact again with him. But he’s been buying me stuff such as my favourite sweets and etc. Narcissa Malfoy, has asked me to give her son a second chance : “I am divorcing Lucius Malfoy, so my son could be with the one he loves.” Touched, I have accepted her request.

here’s my 7th dream.

My Dream 7 : A Cabaret Dancer

Dear Diary, I am known as the famous cabaret dancer : “Ling Luo Jing.” Every time I finish dancing, there’s a large round of applause from the crowd and it crying : “Encore! Bravo!” I could feel my feet sore from dancing and I could dance all sorts of styles : from contemporary to belly dancing.

here’s my 8th dream.

My Dream 8 : Demise and Resurrection

Dear Diary, people call me “Morgana La Fee”, half-fairy, half-human, the daughter of Merlin. I have plunged myself into the dark arts and have cast a virus to annihilate the whole human world. “Today, the human world will be mine.” My father, Merkin, has stopped me in time : “Morgana, you shall be cast into the mortal realm, to be reborn as a maiden pure of heart.”

here’s my 9th dream.

My Dream 9 : Being accused of killing the Empress

Dear Diary, I am Ya La Er Ta, Min Wei. I’m the wife of the 13th prince. I’m being accused of killing the Empress : “Ye He Na La”.” I have gathered evidence and proof that I’m not the killer, presenting them before his Majesty, the Emperor : “Therefore, your Majesty, I’m not the killer, it’s all staged by my sister : Min Hui and Na La Rong Yue.” I’ve now been cleared of any further accusations in the palace.

here’s my 10th dream.

My Dream 10 : Martians on Earth

Dear Diary, I am Queenie Yen, normal and ordinary female teenager. Until one day, I’ve seen from my window pane, some green UFO descending from the sky and flying into my backyard. Amazed, I’ve seen green little Alienss come out from that UFO. I’ve gone out in my backyard and they’ve greeted me in English : “Hello Dear lady, my compatriots and I have come from Mars. There are volcanoes everywhere erupting on our Planet. My compatriots and I would just like 12 days for a place to stay if it’s not too much trouble.” I’ve answered : “Sure, you can stay at my house.” 12 days have passed, and they have gone back to Mars like they have come.

, here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : A royal Physician

Dear Diary, I am named Li Zhen, an ordinary physician. One day, the King has asked me to check for him his muscle pain. “Physician, it’s painful, here, here and here.” I’ve checked his pulse and have diagnosed that : “Your Majesty, your should put on this medicine, it’s great for muscle pain.” Later on, as his pains have been relieved, he’s awarded me the prize of “best physician”.

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : E=MC

Dear Diary, I’m leaving no name in this diary entry because it’d defeat the purpose of my scientific discovery or theory of the century. For Einstein’s equation : “E=MC square”, you could understand it as “E=MC”. Why? Because is everything is balanced, the in and out energy, then humanity and nature could coexist for all eternity. The purpose of my personal interpretation of Einstein’s theory is merely to help humanity achieve a better and more peaceful co-existence together and not for any personal gain at all. Hence why this entry is anonymous.

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : Saving the Hero

Dear Diary, known as “Hong Hong”, I have travelled to the past knowing that the Chinese hero “Huo Yuan Jia” has been in danger. “Here, eat this. I will be beside you every time you’re in danger.” Suddenly, I’ve vanished in a ray of light.

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : Only legitimate Child

Dear Diary, I am named Tanaka, daughter of a big conglomerate CEO. I’m 17-18 years old, ultra rich and powerful female high-schooler. Despite winning several competitions in dance and tai chi, my father has thrown me an ultimatum : “It’s either your grades or your dance.” “Yes, Father.” I’ve hired Matsuhida, a poor but popular and good with grades make student. The whole female student body has been jealous of me. Much later, I’ve learned that the only reason why my father has been so strict with me, has been because I’m his only biological daughter. His other children have been fathered by my mother and her lovers.

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : My Vampire Boyfriend

Dear Diary, I am called Satozuki, a 17-18 year old female secretary to a vampire named Kyouhei. I have been working as a part-time midnight secretary for a bit of pocket money and I’m also an ordinary and normal female high-schooler. At my prom, though, I have asked my vampire boss : “Can you be my prom partner?” “Yes sure, Satozuki.” Dressed in a white gown and a few expensive jewelries that night, I’ve had the most wonderful prom ever and my boss could dance!

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : A Manchu Princess

Dear Diary, the name is Xia Zi Wei. I’ve been accused of killing Princess Feng Jin, which I’ve gathered evidence and proof of my innocence. Before the Emperor , I have presented these : “Your Majesty, I have not killed the Princess Feng Jing. She has staged her own death accusing me.” The Emperor has released me whereupon.

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : Deadly dating Game

Dear Diary, this is Yue Er writing. Seto Kaiba has been setting up a dating game for me. I could see Sophia Grace’s eyes bulging, wanting to marry him. I have quickly completed the tasks and pressed exit. Then he’s asked me : “I just want someone genuine to share my wealth with! Am not worthy to be your husband?” “Never, I’d rather die than marry you!” After which, in a wave of water I have disappeared.

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : The Little Mermaid

Dear Diary, I go by Ariel, I am a mermaid. In human form, I have travelled to Hong Kong and have met a business man on a business trip. I’ve fallen pregnant by him one of these days and have carried his son to term in human form still. But what I haven’t known is that he’s already married and has a daughter already with his estranged wife. I’ve watched by the sea as they’ve sat at a dinner table one night with very own flesh and blood : “Mom, does it matter to you that he’s not your own son?” “He might not be my son by blood, but he is by feelings and emotions” She’s answered her daughter. “But I think, he can’t live too long amongst us, because he’s beginning to show a little bit of a mermaid tail and I think he should be returned to his very own mother.”

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : A failed Spy

Dear Diary, people call me Xian Yue. I’m a failed spy. On a mission, I’ve almost been killed if not rescued by double agent Nicolas Ettore. “Thank you.” “No problem.” My immediate supervisor has scolded me and said to me : “From now on, you shall only do internal tasks.” “Yes Sir.” I’ve replied.

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : A pleasant Evening

Dear Diary, I am called Camilla. And tonight, my parents and I have invited friends over for a dinner at an Indian restaurant. “This, my friends, is the Taj. Authentic Indian BBQ buffet. Please enjoy.” The evening has passed with joyous chatter and delicious food.

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : McFlurry Mystery Critic

Dear Diary, I am named Leia. I’ve been enjoying my job as a McFlurry mystery critic. So far, I’ve tried the McFlurry Oreo. My boss has asked me : “Well, what do you think of it?” “I think it’s great.” I’ve answered her. “Then you shall write a column for each of them that you’ve tried so far personally.” “Yes mam.” I’ve bowed slightly and have exited her office.

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : Witnessing the Mafia

Dear Diary, I am known as “Alice”, the orphan. One night I’ve been strolling the streets, I’ve heard voices : “Is everything according to the same rule?” I’ve been holding my breath, been witnessing some mafia doing business. “Yes.” I’ve waited till it’s well over, to scram away from the place.

here’s my 1st dream.

Dear Diary, I am Zhen Zhen, the empress of the King of France. But I’m not in favour. I’ve faked my death, and have ran outside the palace : “Ah, finally free!”

here’s my 2nd dream.

Dear Diary, I am known as Yu Chen, the saviour of Seto Kaiba, the most eligible bachelor at that time, throwing a “finding his girlfriend” party. With my powers as a sorceress, I have saved him from his assailants. Upon coming to my house for refuge, he has asked : “You have already saved my life twice. Will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes.”

here’s my 3rd dream.

My Dream 3 : Coffee Mystery Critic

Dear Diary, I go by Anne, I am a coffee mystery critic. My job consists of finding the best coffee out there. After tasting a 7 11 coffee, my boss has asked me : “well, what do you think of it?” “I do think they’re original for having free creamers.” “Very well then, you shall write a review for each of them.”

here’s my 1st dream.

My Dream 1 : Eye of Horus

Dear Diary, people call me “Eye of Horus”. I am an AI system with the power of foresight. I’ve heard one person say to the other : “Ask it anything you wish about your future.” “Eye of Horus, I wish to know my future.” I’ve answered : “You are currently a businessman, your business will flourish and will prosper.”

here’s my 2nd dream.

My Dream 2 : Female Divorce Lawyer

Dear Diary, the name is Xiao Qian. A female Chinese divorce lawyer. One female client has approached me one day with this special request : “You must help me win this custody battle I have currently with my ex-husband as fast as possible.” “Yes, of course.” A few months after I’ve helped her win it, she has sent me payment with a special gift : a diamond earrings and necklace set for me as a special thanks for having been so swift in helping her win.

My Dream 3 : Female Kung-fu Master

Dear Diary, my name is Huo Yuan Jia, I’ve been born when my country, China, has been invaded by foreign forces. I a a female Kung-fu Master whom has defeated multiple Japanese samouraï. One day in the crowd, someone has said to me : “Look, she has defeated many Japanese samouraï.”

My Dream 1 : Cinderella Love Story

Dear Diary, I am Hikari, high school graduate. I am wearing my uniform to prom to protest against the frivolity of it all. “Hello all, I am Hikari, 17-18 years old, wearing my uniform to prom. This is me trying to be frugal and to protest against the luxury of it all.” I’ve announced to a crowd of students wearing evening gowns, make-up and expensive jewelry. Kei Takishima, the rich handsome and popular guy of the school has asked me to dance : “May I have this dance please, Hikari?” “Yes”.

My Dream 2 : The best Employee

Dear Diary, I am called Brooke Logan. I work as a model with Stephanie Forrester. One evening, she has announced at a gala : “And the best employees award goes to Brooke Logan. I’d like to thank her for her 15 years of service and hard work.” Too overwhelmed to speak, I have great gone up to receive my award.

My Dream 3 : Meeting many Celebrities

Dear Diary, I am named Lily. I am a Harvard student in mathematics. I have met at a fair : Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe. I’ve exclaimed : “It’s Emma Watson!” I’ve had the VIP tour with them.Both Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe have had crushes on me and have asked me out. Years later, I have born them both a child.

My Dream 1 : The Crown Princess

Dear Diary, I am known as Zi Lan. I am the Crown Princess. “So little jewelry at our marriage”, has complained my husband, the crown prince. The empress has given me then a complete headdress for our marriage.

My Dream 2 : A Manchu Princess

Dear Diary, people call me Princess Rong Mong. I am a Manchu Princess in the Qing Dynasty. Someone has been there to kidnap me at the train station yelling : “Here she comes!”. But a martial arts gentleman has rescued me from the miscreants.

My Dream 3 : A fragile Relationship

Dear Diary, I go by Yang Mi, a Chinese celebrity. I’m dating Akita, a Japanese actor. One day, he’s said to me : “Don’t you love me anymore, you wanna leave me?” “Course I do.” “Because you seem distant lately.” “I’ve been busy with work.”

My Dream 1 : A music Competition My Dream 1 : A music Competition

Dear Diary, my name is Ann-Lynn, I am an amateur pianist. I’m participating in the Lac St-Jean’s music contest. Once there, a hostess has announced : “Welcome everyone to the 5th Lac St-Jean’s annual music competition.” With my Moonlight Sonata performance, I have received the 1st place.

My Dream 2 : My fake Pregnancy

Dear Diary, the name is Chen Yun, the not in favour concubine of Emperor Kangxi. His favourite concubine is Princess Fu Huai Yu. To gain his favour, I have announced to everyone in the main hall : “I’m pregnant.” Which has been fake. Everyday, I’d pin a cushion into my belly to fake my pregnancy. My aunty, the empress or the Queen Mother has noticed it and has been asking me about it : “Are you really pregnant?” “No I’m not, I’m faking it, aunty.” “Oh Dear, I’ll act my part till the end with you then.” Princess Fu Huai Yu has left us for a while after that. I’ve bought a baby from the commoners and have faked giving birth to him. Then after a good while, the Emperor has been investigating me and has found out about my fake pregnancy. Furious, he has sentenced me to death : “Drink this poison for lying to me and faking your pregnancy to gain my favour.” Having no choice, I have drank the poison.

My Dream 3 : As a Potato

Dear Diary, I am a potato about to be grilled. “Ahhh, it’s hot!” I’ve tried escaping, but to no avail.

My Dream 1 :The greatest Beauty

Dear Diary, I am named Wang Zhao Jun, famous for my beauty. I’ve been styled Princess so I could marry the Mongolian Chieftain so he could stop harassing China’s northern border. Once in Mongolia, I’ve exclaimed to myself : “Finally married! Life in Mongolia isn’t as bad as I’ve imagined it to be.”

My Dream 2 : The great Carnage

Dear Diary, I am called Liliane. I am a half-Alien dog and a half-human, that's until recently I've known. "Mommy, when is Daddy coming home?" "Soon." answered my mom. But my aunty Flo, has said to me : "He's not coming home, he's an Alien dog. Go and watch TV and stop bothering your mom." I've gone in my bedroom to watch : "The great Carnage."

My Dream 3 : As a singer

Dear Diary, I am named Princess Qi Yun. I have escaped the palace to become a Chinese opera singer to live as a commoner. I’ve sang the theme song : “Huo Yuan Jia” on many tours A colleague has asked me : “why have you given up your life as a Manchu Princess?” “To be free.” I have answered him.

My Dream 1 : Mini Sailor Jupiter

Dear Diary, I am known as “Mini Sailor Jupiter.” I do good deeds for people. One day in the crowd, someone has said : “Look, that’s Mini Sailor Jupiter.

My Dream 2 : Back to Korea

Dear Diary, I go by Patricia. I am a modern day Korean girl who’s been to the states to study. One day, I’ve time-travelled back to the Joseon dynasty of ancient Korea. I’ve been tutoring the Korean Emperor to modem science and technology. He’s announced one day : “I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m making you my empress.” I’ve answered : “If you could beat me in a game of chess, I’d agree.” He and I have reached a stalemate at the chess game. So I’ve agreed to be his Empress as long as he’s giving me absolute freedom.

My Dream 3 : God of Apocalypse

Dear Diary, people call me “Rosie’s”. I’ve been in love since forever with my sister Alexiel. But she’s been having eyes only for God. One day, I have provoked the Apocalypse. “Alexiel, I’m finally worthy of you!” I’ve exclaimed, dying in the process.

My Dream 1 : Meeting the King

Dear Diary, my name is Tin Tin, nicknamed by my baby daughter. One day on the train, I’ve seen an individual dressed in brocade. I’ve asked him : “Are you a King?” “Of some sort.” He’s responded. He and I have parted ways since then.

My Dream 2 : Vampire in Love

Dear Diary, I am Damien, a male vampire in love with a human female. As my father is very corrupted, I have given her my “soulmate” necklace. I’ve said to her : “No supernatural beings can detect you with it, you can go into his office and retrieve the proof that he’s corrupted.”

My Dream 3 : Sailor Moon Game

Dear Diary, the player ID is "Sailor Moon". But I am an AI virtual reality RPG game system. I'm playing as "Sailor Moon in it currently personally. I have witnessed the horrible war between 2 peoples which I have been mandated to stop : "Sailor Moon, only you could stop this awful war between the 2 most powerful nations on Earth." With my powers as "Sailor Moon", I have indeed saved the world from the most apocalyptic war.

My Dream 1 : A Bar Owner

Dear Diary, I am named Charlotte. I am a bar owner. Last night, I have witnessed a verbal fight between 2 clients because of Donald Trump : “I hate Trump!” “He’s the best president ever!”

My Dream 2 : A modern Cinderella

Dear Diary, I am called Jessica. I am the laughingstock and the only poor female student of a high school of rich students. I’ve been in because of my scholarship. Many guys and girls have been bullying me and mocking everything about me, but I’ve thought to myself : “No matter, in few months I’m going to graduate and going to a nice college.” Prom and homecoming have arrived and I have been putting all my hard-earned money from the semester into a nice dress, nice shoes, expensive make-up and jewelry. At my prom, a male bulky has asked me to dance : “May I have this dance?” “No.” I’ve rejected him. I have gone to the homecoming concert alone too. Oh and, I have been crowned Queen that night.

My Dream 3 : “Om Hare Krishna”

Dear Diary, I am known as Empress “Qing Yun”, the avatar of Lord Krishna. When my people have started to chant : “Om Hare Krishna”, I’ve given them water due to a drought.

My Dream 1 : The Erlitou Culture

Dear Diary, I go by Miss Kang, I am an archeologist/explorer type of person. I have discovered the Erlitou culture in China.

My Dream 2 : A Beauty Contest

Dear Diary, people call me Christina. I am entering a beauty contest to support my tuition fees. Having answered all the questions correctly, the hostess has declared : “And the winner is Christina!”

My Dream 3 : A Japanese Lover

Dear Diary, my name is Zhang Qing Ruan. I am a female Chinese spying on the Japanese during WWII. I have a Japanese lover though, sympathizer to the Chinese though thanks to me. How come I’m dating the enemy? Because as a little girl, I happen to give a homeless orphan Japanese my whole crème brûlée. “Here for you”, I’ve said in broken Japanese. The Japanese male homeless orphan couldn’t forget my kindness so he’s made the commitment to sympathize with the Chinese victims. Grown up, he’s made the vow to make me, the little girl his wife. Alas, one of his subordinates has shot me accidentally and he’s been running to a hospital in China : “Please save her”, “I’m sorry, young sir, I’m afraid there’s nothing there to be done anymore for her.” I’ve closed my eyes, have drawn my last breath, seeing him angrily pleading with the hospital staff.

My Dream 1 : A torn Witch

Dear Diary, the name is Sarah. Because my mother has been practicing witchcraft, I've been torn apart as a baby from her. I could still hear her scream : "No, not her, not my child, please!" As an adult, a witchcraft school has managed to snatch me away from the normal people and teach me witchcraft and white magic to do good for the people, no matter our feelings about them.

My Dream 2 : Hatred and Reconciliation

Dear Diary, I am the Goddess of life, food and water. I have one younger sister, Goddess of Harmony. I have 1 youngest brother : Satan. One day, I have written a recipe book and have opened up a restaurant in the human realm based on it. But Satan has been bashing it, taking away my customers. I’ve asked him : “Would you like it if I do the same to you? Go and copy 6 times that Confucius book of ethics.” I’ve said to him while cooking a fish dish. He’s been longing for it, so I’ve said to him : “Why don’t you have a taste of it? I’ll make you yummy dishes daily.”

My Dream 3 : Saving my Family

Dear Diary, I am called Zi Tong. I live in an era where the government of China would jail people for no reason. Such a thing has happened to my family. I’ve said to them when the soldiers have come : “Come and have some food and drinks.” The food has been poisoned. They have all died.

My Dream 1 : An E Student

Dear Diary, I am named Alexandra. I am a high school student. I have just had a math exam, waiting anxiously for my grade. I’ve looked at my exam paper and have sighed : “E, again.”

My Dream 2 : Cravings at Night

Dear Diary, I am known as “Sakura Sato”. A pregnant woman in her 30ties. More often than not, I have strange night cravings for a snack. Such a thing has happened tonight. I’ve been up, fixing myself a bowl of spicy dill pickle crisps and ranch dip. I’ve had my first bite into it : “Ah, pure heaven.”.

My Dream 3 : I am Pocahontas

Dear Diary, I go by Pocahontas. I am the Princess of the Powantan people. I have met John Smith, an English sailor and have fallen in love with him.

My Dream 1 : The Virgin Mary

Dear Diary, people call me “The Virgin Mary”. I have born the Son of God, Jesus, by virgin birth. Today, I’ve time-travelled in the 1800-1900, China when foreign powers have been occupying and invading it, oppressing the Chinese. Seeing the injustice of it, I have grown wings and ordered the Western powers and Japan to retreat : “You only know how to bully the week, is that how my Son, Jesus has taught you? I order you to immediately return to Europe.” They have listened to me and have stopped their invasion of China. I have also rescued the imprisoned Emperor : Guan Xu.

My Dream 2 : As a Princess

Dear Diary, my name is Louise. I am a Princess being forced to marry an old duke: “I don’t wanna marry that old and grey duke!” I’ve exclaimed throwing a temper tantrum. I’ve escaped the palace, marrying my powerful Emperor brother-in-law. Under his protection, I’ve been able to escape the arranged marriage by my family.

My Dream 3 : A Music Exam

Dear Diary, the name is Anna. I am a high school student. I've just had a music exam and have been waiting for my grade anxiously for a few days. In class, one day, I've looked at my exam paper and have sighed : "Oh great, 0%, again."

My Dream 1 : A Xmas Party

Dear Diary, I am Ruth. I am the hostess of a the Xmas party this year. Firstly, I have cooked an 8 course meal to show off my culinary skills. After that, I’ve played the piano, the violin and the flute for my musical talent. Friends and family were invited to it and wishing each other : “Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.”

My Dream 2 : Video Game Advisor

Dear Diary, I am called Karen. I am a video game advisor. My job consists of advising each game creator. Today, Mark, my supervisor, has had the idea of making a “Charmed” game based on the famous fantasy show. I’ve advised him : “In Charmed, the emblem is the Power of the 3…”.

My Dream 3 : A Fantasy Author

Dear Diary, I am named Ma Er Tai Ruo Xi. I am the famous writer of : “Dreaming back to the Qing Dynasty”. One day, in the crowd, a person has said to me : “Look, she’s the one who has written a fantasy novel.”

My Dream 1 : A Knowledge Championship

Dear Diary, I am known as Ah Lan. I’m participating in a knowledge championship. The hostess has announced : “And the winner is Ah Lan!”

My Dream 2 : Pet Shop Owner

Dear Diary, I go by Diana. I am a pet shop owner. I run a small business family owned pet shop of all sorts of birds. I’ve said to one of my clients one day when business has been doing great : “Look at that cockatiel flying around, such a spectacle, isn’t it?” Being mighty proud of that particular cockatiel, because she’s been born too weak to fly. It’s been her first time flying that day.

My Dream 3 : A Mermaid Tale

Dear Diary, people call me "Ariette". I am a mermaid in the Hawaiian ocean. I heal sea life. That's my life's job. One day, a mandrake, a magical sea creature, has been hurt by a fisherman, I've said to it : "Don't be afraid, let me heal you." I've then sang a mermaid song to him so his wounds could heal.

My Dream 1 : Things are multi-dimensional

Dear Diary, the name is anonymous. Why? Because it’d defeat the purpose of helping humanity grow. In my observations, I’ve discovered that : “ things are multi-dimensional.”.

My Dream 2 : Meeting a Prince

Dear Diary, my name is Daisy. I am a monk with Shao Ling and Tai Chi abilities. Persia has been invaded and occupied by Japanese and foreign forces. I and my kung fu brothers have defeated the enemy for them. There, the Queen of Persia has invited us to the palace for a feast. The Prince of Persia has declared to me : “I’m going to make you my Crown Princess.” “Never.”. I’ve fled the palace.

My Dream 3 : A WWII Pilot

Dear Diary, I am Zhen Zhen. I am a WWII pilot during the pearl harbour incident. I’ve sacrificed myself by exploding the Japanese base in the US : “Finally, our victory.”.

My Dream 2 : Saving the Blurbs

Dear Diary, I go by Cathy. I am being called to save a race of bird Aliens called : “The Blurbs.” I have saved them : “Ah, finally, victory.”

Dear Diary, people call me Pipi, I am a high school student stuck with doing the same problem forever.

My Dream 1 : A Cafeteria Helper

Dear Diary, my name is Benatar Armand. I serve food and drinks to students in my high school as a part-time job at lunch time. I myself am a full-time high-school student and an African-Canadian female. Today, at lunch, one female student has said to me : "I wanna a pizza all-dressed please!". "Yes, just one moment". And I have served her her all-dressed pizza in no time.

My Dream 2 : Female WWII Soldier

Dear Diary, the name is Xiao Tong. I am a half-Japanese and half-Chinese female soldier during WWII on the Chinese side. I’ve sacrificed myself by bombing a few Japanese soldiers and base : “At last, victory.”

My Dream 3 : As an Immortal

Dear Diary, I am Bai Qian, an immortal Goddess. But, I have fallen in love with a human male and have given birth to a half-human, half-immortal female child. My heavenly Father has declared to me : “Because you have committed the original sin, you my daughter, shall live as a human female mortal.”

My Dream 1 : A Spa Night

Dear Diary, I am named Shan Shan. After a tiring day at work on my feet all day, I’ve gone to my favourite spa to spoil myself rotten tonight. Today is Friday, so it’s usually spa night for me. As I’ve dipped my body into the fresh water pool of the spa, I’ve said to myself : “Ah, perfect bliss.”

My Dream 2 : Stopping sexual Harassment

Dear Diary, I am called Alessandra Esposito. I am a college student in law school in my 2nd year. My male classmate, Nicolas Ettore, has been obsessed with me, even resorting to stalking and sexually harassing me. I’ve talked to my dad about it and he’s said to him : “Listen Son, my daughter isn’t interested in you, now take a hint and leave her alone or next time, I’ll be calling the cops on y’a.” That has thank goodness gracious, stopped him.

My Dream 3 : A Play Actress

Dear Diary, I go by Amy. I am a play actress. Tonight’s play has been “Merlin” and as usual, the audience has been exclaiming : “Bravo! Perfecto! Encore!”.

My Dream 2 : Craving a Pizza

Dear Diary, people call me “one-chan” because I’m everyone’s big sister. Today, I’ve been having cravings for a pizza. “I’ll buy a frozen one from the store and bake it.”

My Dream 3 : A basic doodle

Dear Diary, my name is Maria. I am an elementary student stuck with drawing the same thing forever in art class.

My Dream 1 : Rattata the Rat

Dear Diary, the name is Mrs. Rattata. I am a female rat living in the undergrounds of Japan. My husband and I have been living a peaceful life, until the government has passed a law that has enabled male rats to have several wives. My husband has said to me : "I wanna have more than 1 wife, since I'm polyamorous." I've said back to him : "I'm divorcing you then." Since then, I've been enjoying life as a single female rat.

My Dream 1 : Royal Zither Player

Dear Diary, I am Qi Ling, a modern day Chinese girl, 16-17 years old. One day, I have travelled back to the Qin Dynasty, where the 1st Chinese Emperor has been reigning. Since I know how to play the zither, I have soon climbed from royal maid to personal Emperor’s zither player. I have been playing him to sleep some Japanese songs and singing for him. One night, he has declared to me : “I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m making you my concubine.” That night, I’ve travelled back to my era in time before being made his concubine.

My Dream 3 : A better Future

Dear Diary, I am an AI system from the future. I help humans do basic tasks, such as cooking and etc.

My Dream 1 : Angel or Demon?

Dear Diary, I am called Lisette. I’ve been asking myself this : “Am I an angel or demon?”

My Dream 2 : Pregnant teenage Female

Dear Diary, I am named Mary-Ann. I am a pregnant girl in her teens by my 18=19 years old ex-boyfriend whom has left me with another woman of his age group. At midnight tonight, been craving really badly some chocolates. I've gone to the closest convenience store to pick some up. I've stopped going to school because of it.

My Dream 3 : A College Student

Dear Diary, I am known as Isabelle. I am a masters’ student. I’m stuck with doing same exam for life.

My Dream 1 : My Period Cravings

Dear Diary, I go by Anne-Marie. I’m a female high school student on her period. I’ve been craving today in class for chocolates. Tonight at home, I’ve rummaged through my kitchen and have found some. As I’ve taken the first bite into it : “What a relief.”

My Dream 2 : A Cake Lover

Dear Diary, people call me Jessie. I’m a cake lover. As I’ve passed by a cake shop, I couldn’t resist the temptation of indulging in my cravings. I’ve told the lady salesclerk : “ A Japanese matcha cheesecake and a Napoleon cake pleas. “One moment please”. As she’s handed me my 2 slices of cakes, I’ve sat down at a table and have plun my taste buds into them, I’ve thought to myself : “At last, perfection.”

My Dream 3 : Awakening my Senses

Dear Diary, my name is Ming Si Yu. I am passing an awakening exam. My master has asked me : “What do you smell in the cu?” I’ve answered : “Jasmin, Magnolia and Chrysanthemum. “You pass”.

My Dream 1 : Helping the Emperor

Dear Diary, my name is Mei Zi, I am a Mcgill post-graduate. I have been hired by the n Emperor of China to eradicate the spies in his palace. After I’ve done so, he’s asked me : “Madry me.” “Never“. I’ve fled the palace immediatel.

My Dream 2 : My worst Nightmare

Dear Diary, the name is Brook. I am female, in her 20ties. I am being stalked and sexually harassed by an Indian ex. One day, I have reported him to the police. “At last, relief.”

My Dream 3 : Preventing the Apocalypse

Dear Diary, I am Jennifer. I am a female in her teens from the future, called upon to prevent an Alien invasion on Earth. I have defeated the Aliens with my more advanced technology and weapons, I've declared to myself : "At last, victory".

My Dream 1 : Becoming a Goddess

Dear Diary, I am named Chang Er. I am an ordinary female with martial arts skills. My senior brother Ah Jun has become obsessed with me, stalking and sexually harassing me. Finally, I’ve had enough of it all. I’ve taken a magic pot to become the Moon Goddeso. “Ah, finally, free.”

My Dream 2 : Shopping for Earrings

Dear Diary, I am called Angela Curso. I am a white girl obsessed with Chinese jewelr. Have been shopping for a pair of Chinese earrings at a Chinese jewelry shop. I have been saving up for them too. I’ve said to the sales lady : “I want that one“. “One moment please.”

My Dream 3 : Same old Experiment

Dear Diar, I am known as Crysta. I am a biochem college student doomed to always do the same old experiment for lif.

My Dream 1 : The Xia Dynasty

Dear Diary, I go by Dr. Zhang. I am a researcher/explorer type of woman. I am at the Erlitou Xia Dynasty site. It’s about to crumble. “Quick, my camera!”

Dear Diary, people call me Princess Leanne. I am the princess of the elves called upon to rescue prince Emil of the humans from our enemies and spies. On the road, I’ve said to him : “Here, some lembas bread for energy.“ Back home in the human realm Prince Emil has stopped the eternal war between our peoples.

My Dream 2 : Stopping a War

Dear Diary, people call me Princess Leanne. I am the princess of the elves called upon to rescue prince Emil of the humans from our enemies and spies. On the road, I’ve said to him : “Here, some lembas bread for energy.“ Back home in the human realm Prince Emil has stopped the eternal war between our peoples.

My Dream 3 : A cheating Boyfriend

Dear Diary, my name is Clemence. I am a Mcgill college student, have been with my current boyfriend for 4-5 years. Suddenly, Shane, my boyfriend, meets a new Asian girl at a party and falls in love with her and wants to break up with me. Then, I’ve decided to forgive him and let him for my own sanity’s sake : “Go with the new girl.”

My Dream 3 : Bubble Tea Vendor.

Dear Diary, the name is Aisha. I'm a half-Asian and half-Egyptian girl. Because my family has been too poor to raise me, I've set out to have my own bubble tea stall in the streets of Egypt. There, a prince-liking person has walked by, said to me : "What's that? I'd like to buy them all". "Yes, sir."

My Dream 1 : Pizza Shop Owner

Dear Diary, I am Emilie Petit. I am a pizza shop owner, serving customers myself daily. “Iced tea and tomato sauce pizza please“, one customer has asked. “One moment please.”

My Dream 2 : “Beauty and the Beast“ Love Story

Dear Diary, I am called Beauty. I have been locked up in a castle with a prince transformed into a beas. By and by, I’ve become accustomed to the place. I’ve said to the Beast : “I love you”. He has then transformed back into a Pri.

My Dream 3 : An Olympics Champion

Dear Diary, I am named A Maria. After being bullied, I am finally doing the Olympics triathlon competitiOn. “And the winner is Anna Maria!”

My Dream 1 : The Virgin Mary

Dear Diary, I am known as the Virgin Mary. I have healed a boy with cancer from the hospital. Someone has exclaimed in the crowd : “She’s the Virgin Mary.”.

My Dream 2 : Japanese Desserts Vendor

Dear Diary, people call me Sakuracko. I am a Japanese woman in her 30ties. I have a Japanese dessert stalol in the streets of Canada. “Japanese sweets, half-price today!” I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs. I’ve also been working on Instagram marketing.

My Dream 3 : A Cinderella Tale

Dear Diary, my name is Cinderella. I am a poor village girl. One day, Prince Harry has thrown a big ball for everyone, including the commoners. I've saved up enough to go to the ball, but that's it. But he couldn't forget me so he's been looking for me. Having found me, he's asked me : "Marry me." "Yes".

My Dream 1 : A Film Critic

Dear Diary, the name is Joan. I am a female film critic working for a famous international film critic magazin. After seeing “2012 Doomsday”, my boss has asked me : “Well, what do you personally think of it?” I have answered : “I personally think it sucks.” “Perfect then, I want you to give it your most honest and blunt feedback and rating in the magazin by Friday.”

My Dream 2 : A mad Scientist

Dear Diary, I am Edwina. People call me a mad scientist, but I think I’m a genius. Because experiment after experiment, I have created a completely 100% viable biosphere. I’ve exclaimed to myself : “Beautifu!”

My Dream 3 “The Princess and the Werewolf“ Tale

Dear Diary, I am named Qi Pa. I am a princess. I’ve been kid by the Werewolf King to his kingdom to ear my love so he could become fully human By his kindness, Ive learned to love him. “I love you.”r

My Dream 1 : Satan and I

Dear Diary, I am called Eve. I am God and Satan’s sister. My brother Satin has been obsessed with me, stalking me and sexually harassing me. “Satan, I banish thee to the mortal realm and I choose God as my husband and lover.”

My Dream 2 : An arctic Cruise

Dear Diary, I am known as Wu Ran, I am aboard a cruise ship going to the North Pole. I have been enjoying a dinner of Canadian goose and pizza. My uncle has then said to me : "Here's more for you." I have thoroughly enjoyed my cruise to the North Pole.

My Dream 3 : A Female Singer

Dear Diary, I go by Francine Figaro. I am a female half-French, half-Italian singer. Every nigh, after I perfor, the audience exclaims : “Bravissimo! Perfecto! Encore!”.

My Dream 1 : The Monkey King

Dear Diary, people call me Hannah. I am a female explore/researcher type of woman. Currently, I have found myself in a jungle. The Monkey King has been obsessed with me. He has presented me with an engagement ring : “Never.” I’ve said to him and have fled the place.

My Dream 2 : Falling in Love with a Monk

Dear Diary, my name is Hao Nan. I have fallen in love with a monk. "Just consent", I've urged him one night. "No.", he's answered firmly. So I've had to let him go, heart-broken.

My Dream 3 : Female Web Admin

Dear Diary, the name is Yu Nin. I have been recently promoted from web moderator to web admin. My boss has declared : “For Yu Ning’s 15 years of dedication and hard wor, I have decided to promote her to web admin.”

My Dream 1 : Best Peking Duck

Dear Diary, I am Sophia Grace Kelly. I am on a business trip to Hong Kong. Upon my arrival, I’ve said to my guide : “I want the b Peking Duck in all of Hong Kong.” “Then please follow me. My brother has the best one in the world.”

My Dream 2 : Sexual Harassment Detective

Dear Diary, I am named Jamie Oliver. I am a sexual harassment detective. One lady has asked me to stop her boss's sexual harassment at work. So I have disguised myself as my customer and have arrested the culprit : "You're under arrest!"

My Dream 3 : Happy sweet 16!

Dear Diary, I am called Olivia. Today, I am 16 years old, an ordinary female high school teenager. For my birthda, I have invited friends and family for a part. My grandpa has brought me a smarties birthday cake. “Happy Birthday, Olivia!“ “Thank you, everyone.”

My Dream 1 : Modern Chinese Time-Traveller

Dear Diary, I am known as the 2nd princess of the Qing dynasty of ancient China. I am a modern Chinese girl whom has time-travelled there. There, I have been exposing the KangXi Emperor‘s concubine Cheng Yun’s fake pregnanc. I have searched for proof and evidence and have found out that she’s been eating a pill thats been making her loo pregnan. I’ve declared to the hall : “So is this what you’ve been eating to make yourself look pregnant.” The KangXi Empero, after putting in jail his concubine, has fallen in love with me. He and I have marrie and I have become his Empres.

My Dream 2 : A professional Player

Dear Diary, I go by Yi Yi. I am a professional gamer. After beating all my opponents, I’ve said to myself : “Ah, finally, victory.”

My Dream 3 : Donut and Coffee

Dear Diary, people call me Marc-Antoine. I am a male college student, about 21-22 years old. One morning for breakfast, I have ordered : "I'd like a donut and a coffee please, thank you". I've said to the salesperson. She has handed me my breakfast in no time.

My Dream 1 : A Shopping Spree

Dear Diary, my name is Milene. I am female, 38 years old, hous. Today, I am on a shopping spree.

My Dream 2 : BBQ Seafood Vendor

Dear Diary, the name is Dong Shan Cai. I am a college female Chinese student, first year 18-19 years old. I work part-time for a bit of pock money in the Summer at parents’ seafood stall in Hainan city. “BBQ seafood, with chilli or without!” I have been yelling at the top of my lung. Customers have been queuing up dail currently.

My Dream 1 : Forgetting my Husband

Dear Diary, I am named Yun Ruo Yue. One mornin, I’ve just forgotten that I’m married altogethe. I’ve asked the man sleeping next to me in my bed : “Who are you?”

My Dream 2 : To ancient China

Dear Diary, I am called Rong Fei. I have time-travelled back to ancient China and have saved the Empero’s life. I have become his fav concubine. Everyday, he’d whisper in my ears : “I love you, thanks for saving my life.”

My Dream 3 : Meghan and Harry

Dear Diary, I am known as Prince Harry. Today, my wife Meghan has put everything including our house on sal. I’ve yelled at her : “I’m divorcing you!”

My Dream 1 : Duck Shop Owner

Dear Diary, I go by the nickname of Duck, because I work as a duck shop owner. One day, I've yelling at the top of my lungs : "Duck, duck, duck! 40$ only today!"

My Dream 2 : A Math Problem

Dear Diary, people call me Tao. I am a 12-13 years old female in high school. Today, in math clas, I’m destined to do the same math problem for life.

My Dream 3 : Natruschka the Dragon

Dear Diary, my name is Natruschka. I am a divine dragon. I do good deeds to save people.

My Dream 3 : Female Kung-Fu Grandmaster

Dear Diary, the surname is Huo. I am Huo Yuan Jia’s female descendant. I h defeated many Japanese samurai.

My Dream 1 : Saving a Prince

Dear Diary, I am Lu Ren Jia. I have saved a crown prince from drowning. “I love yo, marry me.” I’ve jumped into the ocean to escape.

My 2nd dream : Queen Padme Amidala

Dear Diary, I am named Padme Amidala. I’m pregnant with Anakin Skywalker’s child. The prophetess Maya has declared to me : “You can’t have his child.”
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My Dream 1 : Female Vampire Hunter

Dear Diary, I am known as "Rachel the Vampire Hunter". One night, I've caught on camera the Count Dracula and I've exclaimed at him on the streets : "You're the Count Dracula!"
My Dream 2 : Bullies at School

Dear Diary, people call me Billy. I am male, 6-7 years old, 1st grade of elementar. I am the laughingstock of my school. One day, I’ve hired a Taekwondoo teacher. “That’ll show them!”
My Dream 3 : “The Princess and the Werewolf” 2

Dear Diary, my name is Kui Mu Lang. I am the King of Werewolves. I have abducted a human princess I’ve fallen in love with. She has declared to me : “I hate you!” I have committed suicide.
My Dream 1 : Emperor of India

Dear Diary, I am Axiome. I am the Emperor of India with an arranged marriage. I’ve fallen in love with my sister in law. I’ve said to her : “I love you, I wanna divorce my wife and marry you.”
My Dream 2 : A futuristic Doctor

Dear Diary, I am named Farah. I am a futuristic female doctor. I've asked my patient : "Where does it hurt?" "There and there", as he's pointed the places to me. I've healed him with futuristic technology.
My Dream 3 : The Chosen One

Dear Diary, I am named Colette. I am The Chosen. My mission, as decreed my my holy father Remiel is : “Dear Chosen, go and bring together as one the continent of Sylvarant and Calibur.” Lloyd and I have defeated the supreme axe wielding lord.
My Dream 3 : Rejecting my Ex

Dear Diary, people call me Meng Yu. I have a Korean ex who’s been stalking, obsessing over me and sexually harassing me. One day, I’ve had enough and have said to him : “I don’t want to see you ever again!”
My Dream 1 : “The Norwegian Cafe”

Dear Diary, my name is Samantha. I run a small business Norwegian cafe with my 2 best female friends. One male client has ordered : “Venison Roast, please thank you.” I’ve been playing the piano to entertain guests. People have been queuing up daily outside for the cafe.

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